Multi-cloud Generative AI  and Analytics Platform

Cleanse and harmonize your complex multi-cloud, multi-domain data into a single unified platform that authenticates, normalizes, and syncs data across diverse SaaS applications, unlocking real-time insights using Generative AI.

Transition from data disarray to streamlined clarity and insights.

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What is

onnectory ?

Designed and built with modular components that ingest, analyze, and gain insights from massive data repositories. Connectory is a scalable platform that is pre-integrated with cloud-scale data management, real-time stream processing, a predictive scoring engine, plug-and-play machine learning algorithms, use-case specific solution templates, and data visualization capabilities - all in a seamless multi-cloud platform.

Derive full value from data

Data as a first class citizen with support for common data types.

Enterprise grade security

Codified Security and Compliance with Policy as Code.

Connect applications quickly and easily

Unify and enhance your data with pre-built data connectors for every data source. Seamlessly integrate with pre-built connectors for every data source.

Speed & Scale

Cloud-native, multi-cloud platform with auto-scaling enables you to adapt with agility based on your users needs.

Make better, faster decisions

Out of the box AI solution templates for your business.

Solution templates

Fraud detection

Many businesses lose billions annually to fraud. Machine learning based fraud detection models can help systematically identify likely fraudulent activities from a tremendous amount of data.

Solution templates

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance aims to optimize the balance between corrective and preventative maintenance by facilitating the timely replacement of components.

Solution templates

Financial pricing

Many businesses dynamically adjust pricing on a regular basis in order to maximize their returns. Use the following JumpStart solutions for price optimization, dynamic pricing, option pricing, or portfolio optimization use cases.

Solution templates

Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting uses historical time series data in order to make future estimations in relation to customer demand over a specific period and streamline the supply-demand decision-making process.

Solution templates

Reinforcement learning

RL is well-suited for solving large, complex problems, such as supply chain management, HVAC systems, industrial robotics, game artificial intelligence, dialog systems, and autonomous vehicles.

Solution templates


Clinicians and researchers can use Healthcare and Life science solutions to analyze medical imagery, genomic information, and clinical health records.

Solution templates

Churn prediction

Use a Churn prediction solution to analyze data sources such as user behavior and customer support chat logs to identify customers that are at a high risk of cancelling a subscription or service.

Solution templates

Credit rating prediction

Compared to traditional credit rating modeling methods, machine learning models can automate and improve the accuracy of credit prediction.

Solution templates

Causal inference

Use the following this template solution to understand the causal relationship between Nitrogen-based fertilizer application and corn crop yields.

Solution templates

Extract and analyze data

Use cases include text classification, document summarization, handwriting recognition, relationship extraction, question and answering, and filling in missing values in tabular records.

Solution templates

Computer vision

These systems involve not only recognizing and classifying every object in an image, but localizing each one by drawing the appropriate bounding box around it.

Customer benefits

  • Drive efficiencies

  • Reduce costs

  • See value on day 1

  • Improve quality

  • Mitigate risk

  • Generate revenue

Discover the Connectory platform

Collaborate with experts with specialized skills and cloud experience to build the solutions your business needs.

Modern Data Cloud Platform

Intelligent Apps

Data Connectors

ML Platform

Analytics & BI

onnectory Data and AI platform

onnectory Data

and AI platform

Helping you achieve your desired business outcomes with Cloud, Data & AI

Your data

Connectors for every data source. Leverage over 120+ out-of-the-box data connectors across clouds, on-premise, and SaaS applications. Bring your existing data lakes and data warehouses and seamlessly connect with Connectory.

Data as a Product

A cloud-native Data Platform to unleash domain specific data workflows. Ensuring line of business have access to a series of data capabilities including discoverability, security, explorability, understandability, trustworthiness of data for operations, analytics, warehousing, engagement, sales, marketing, human resources etc. that are domain specific..

ML Platform as a Product

A cloud AI platform enabling machine learning at cloud scale. Build, train, manage, and deploy machine learning models for any use case with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows across cloud boundaries, to solve any business challenge.

Analytics & BI

A library of 20+ pre-built solutions for enterprise challenges powers data-driven organizations with a unified analytics and business intelligence (BI) without having to start from scratch every time you want to build an AI-powered solution. All users can meet varying analytic needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, paginated reports, embedded analytics, and natural language queries that’s fully customizable across clouds and software vendors.

Business outcomes

Deploy proven data & AI applications that rapidly create real business value across a range of business functions. Key business outcomes include driving tangible business value from data, reduced business risk, improved performance, as well as increased revenue and operational efficiency.


Enable more people to innovate with Data & AI by effortlessly integrating your cloud provider and your tool of choice, along with security, identity management, data storage, databases, warehouses, catalogs, streaming, and ML services. Extend existing controls to protect your data while creating compliant, private and isolated analytics environments for your users.

Easily set policies to administer users, control budget, and manage infrastructure. Automate and standardize MLOps practices and governance across your organization to support transparency and auditability.

  • Converged analytics

  • Unified experience

  • Powerful insights

  • Limitless scale across any cloud

  • Unmatched security

Easily set policies to administer users, control budget, and manage infrastructure. Automate and standardize MLOps practices and governance across your organization to support transparency and auditability.